About Us

a man playing frisbee golf

Good Day Sunglasses celebrates those who find joy in the little things. Little things like laughing until your muscles ache, watching the sun slowly rise on a warm summer morning, or making a terrible putt in frisbee golf and smiling all the way through it. Those are the days we want more of and we believe you do too. That's why we're on a never-too-serious mission to make the world a more positive and colorful place. Through our lightweight and comfortable, polarized sunglasses offered in bright colors with even brighter stories.

"Learn to let go. That is the key to happiness"

- Buddha

Good Day Sunglasses are creatively themed after great places, awesome ideas, amazing experiences, and everything in between.

Styles ranging from retro to neo.

We also believe that good days shouldn't be too expensive. That's why our sunglasses are priced affordably, starting at just twenty bucks a pair. 

So go ahead and grab your Good Days, a few good friends, get outside, and...