Are Luxury Sunglasses Actually Better Quality?

You don’t need to break the bank to have good quality sunglasses. Affordable sunglasses can be just as effective and stylish as luxury brand sunglasses without that high price tag. If you’re looking for a new pair of sweet shades, check out these three reasons why affordable sunglasses can be just as high-quality as luxury sunglasses.

How Sunglasses Are Made

Before we jump into the benefits of affordable sunglasses, let’s talk about how sunglasses are made. Good quality sunglasses start with lenses that either absorb or reflect certain frequencies of light. Various substances are added to the lens to selectively absorb light of specific frequencies.

Reflecting lenses have a multi-layer, anti-reflective coating which consists of primarily metallic particles. These particles reflect all colors of light and UV radiation equally. The color of the finished lens usually indicates the amount of visible spectrum that can be produced. Dark yellow lenses, for example, absorb blue and violet light and some UV rays. 

Polarized lenses use a special optical filter which absorbs the horizontal component of light and transmits only the vertical component. As a result, darker spots look brighter, yet reflective areas, like roads, water, etc., are not so bright as to be blinding to the eye. 

Finally, photochromic lenses contain silver salts similar to the ones used in photographic film. This type of lens darkens outdoors and lightens indoors. The lens changes color in response to UV exposure.

Now that you know the different types of lenses, let’s talk about why affordable sunglasses are a smarter option than luxury sunglasses.

It’s About the Lens, Not the Name 

As previously mentioned, there are different styles of lenses available for sunglasses, but adding a fancy brand name or logo does not mean they are better quality sunglasses than those without. When shopping for sunglasses, the main concern should be finding lenses that offer UVA/UVB protection for your eyes, not the name or logo that’s on them. Luxury sunglasses are not the only brands with effective, protective lens coatings that keep your eyes protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Enjoy the Same Designs for Half the Price 

Affordable sunglasses allow you to enjoy many of the same designs for half the price—sometimes even more than half! Luxury sunglasses and good quality, more affordable sunglasses are usually similar in design despite the significant difference in price tag. In other words, you can enjoy the same looks as the same designer brands at a major discount. Plus, with all the money you’ll save, you can buy multiple pairs of sunglasses. Since you now know how sunglasses are made, you understand that choosing a pair of luxury sunglasses means you’re mostly paying for the name and not the style or lens. 

Same Quality Eye Protection 

Sunglasses aren’t just about style. They’re also about eye protection. Luxury sunglasses and affordable, quality sunglasses both offer eye protection. They both protect your eyes from harmful sun rays, offer relief from bright light, and help maintain your vision while outside during the day. And now that you know lenses used in luxury sunglasses and good quality, affordable sunglasses are essentially the same, you can focus on choosing lenses with effective UVA/UVB protection or polarization to keep your eyes safe. Luxury name brands and hefty price tags alone don’t protect your eyes: advances in optical technology do.

Shop Great Styles for Affordable Prices

There’s nothing wrong with paying top dollar for luxury sunglasses if designer names and styles are your thing. But for those of us who are just looking for high-quality polarized sunglasses that are creative, colorful and comfortable—and don’t cost hundreds of dollars, Good Day Sunglasses have a variety of styles, similar to those you’d find at upscale opticians, starting as low as $20.

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